The Democratic Republic of Congo has grown infamous, with names like "the most dangerous place on earth", the "worst place on earth to be a woman" and the "rape capital of the world".

Women in Congo have been cast into the role of the victim, without any hope, it seems, of becoming or doing anything more.

Dr. Denis Mukwege and Panzi Foundation DRC have a vision to see the Congolese woman become more than just a victim, and take up her rightful place in society. The Foundation together with its global community of partners wish to see her become an actor and mover of change, justice and peace, as only she can.

Our campaign for this year's One Billion Rising for Justice movement, is to reject this word "victim" and focus instead on the amazing strength and potential within each and every single Congolese woman.

This is our movement to change the narrative on the Congolese woman, from victim, to victory. Check out our photo-series on Tumblr for exclusive images from Panzi Hospital.

Funds raised through this campaign will go to the Panzi Foundation DRC in Bukavu, South Kivu. It will be used to support the Hospital with core-funding so they can ontinue to treat, restore and empower women from the region.

Together we will see the women of Congo rise.

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